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IMPEX World Ltd is a highly specialized, super skilled and professionally run garment manufacturing factory of Bangladesh with the desire and passion to provide end-to-end clothing manufacturing services precisely matching to your custom design and specification.

With the vision to be at the forefront of private label clothing manufacturing services from Bangladesh and in a very short span of time we are humbled to be the manufacturing partner of the world’s leading clothing label, private label clothing lines, independent fashion designers, high fashion international boutiques and multinational fashion retailers.


We have highly trained and professionally competent Environmental responsible team.

Social Issues

The entire social compliance functions are being closely monitored & proper feedback given by Director-Compliance.

Safety Issues

We deployed resources in all our factories and invested for safety maintenance work and safety training.

Making an Impact All Over the World

Our Impactful Industrial Leading.

Extraordinary Quality Guaranteed

Delivering products with 100% match of customer’s specification under strict ODM/OEM process is the key behind the winning smiles of our happy customers.


High quality is our commitment.